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The company PRVA ISKRA – NAMENSKA PROIZVODNJA AD, established in 1938, is one of only a handful of factories in the world, with its own technology for the production of high explosives



The company PRVA ISKRA – NAMENSKA PROIZVODNJA AD, established in 1938, is one of only a handful of factories in the world, with its own technology for the production of high explosives (continuous production of trinitrotoluene, dinitrotoluene, hexogen and pentrite, batch production of octogen, hexogen and nitrostilbene) as well as various composites based on these explosives. It means that our processed are tailored for producing our own products, and we are not committed to other manufacturers’ licences.


Explosives Production


Prva iskra – namenska proizvodnja a.d. is producing all kinds of high explosives whose quality is in line with world standards in this area, GOST, MIL and STANAG, or according to customer’s special requests. Production program of the company encompasses the following types of high explosives: TNT, PETN, RDX, HMX, HNS, TNR as well as various composites based on these explosives. The company is in possession of the latest, most modern equipment available, highly qualified staff, know-how and experience in the field of providing a numerous of highly specialized measurements and analyses of high energy materials and chemicals.


The recycling of delaborated explosives


In order to solve the problem of neutralization of stockpiled explosive ordnances and individual unexploded ordnances, we have developed and use safely and eco-friendly delaboration technology for all types of explosive ordnances. Thanks to our technology, experience and capabilities, all removed materials are recovered, recycled and reused in different sectors of industry, reducing the climate impact to the environment.


Know-how and Technologies


Along production of high explosives and reprocessing of delaborated explosives, the company has also developed its own technologies for the treatment of waste water, gases and acids as well as technologies for concentrating acids so that they can be reused in the process. In the field of explosives for defense, Prva iskra – namenska proizvodnja a.d. is well-known in the world for its technology transfer for the production of high explosives, based on a turnkey system. Based on the accumulated experience, during the 1970s an intensive “knowledge transfer” had been started. It included the training of various profiles of foreign cadre (anything from development and laboratory control technologists, to plant engineers and operators, to immediate executants in explosive production) as well as transferring of projects, equipments and technologies for the production of explosives.


Sustainability and Experience


The development of our company is based on constant research and development of modern technologies, production of high-quality products and highly trained cadre.

We strive to ground all our actions in the application of our corporate values: health and safety prevention, environmental protection, quality control and technical security. The health and safety prevention and environmental protection are one of our highest priorities and therefore forms part of our business culture, confirmed by the implementation of Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – OHSAS 18001:2007 in our company.

In line with our objectives for progress and sustainability, we have always maintained a clear and strict policy with regards to quality control. Prva iskra – namenska proizvodnja a.d. adheres to relevant standards of quality and reliability, which has been confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate issued by the Republic of Serbia’s military quality control.

Thanks to the experience, technological knowledge and professional team, Prva iskra – namenska proizvodnja a.d. has built its reputation as a reliable and quality supplier of explosives. A wide assortment of quality products that the company is selling throughout the world makes it rank among the most renowned producers of military and industrial explosives in Europe and the world.



Prva iskra – namenska proizvodnja a.d. has been awarded in 2021 a Gold Certificate of Excellence by The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics for almost 200 years.

The company “Prva iskra – namenska proizvodnja a.d.” has fulfilled creditworthiness criteria AAA for 2019, 2020 and 2021 and therefore belongs to the top Serbian companies that are allowed to use the Gold Certificate of Excellence.

Companies with excellence in creditworthiness achieve above-average results and are highly unlikely to experience any of the following events in the next twelve months:

  • bankruptcy, compulsory settlement or liquidation (< 0,08% probability)
  • deletion of the entity from the companies register (< 0,81% probability)
  • freezing of bank accounts for over 90 days and listing as tax defaulter (< 0,41% probability)

The company with an AAA (triple A) rating is the company with whom the financial risk of establishing a business relationship is extremely low.

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