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PETN 1+5

(PETN 1+5) is mixture of penthaerithritol tetranithrat with lactosis and conservans. It is obtained by placing penthaerithritol on lactosis, with addition of conservans by homogenization of material and drying. Product is in accordance with PH JUG IV and Osterreichisches Arzneibuch stnadards. It is used for production of drugs for cardio-vascular diseases.

Identification, on PETN:

Identification, on Lactosis:

Identification, on Conservans:

Content of PETN, % (m/m):

Content of Conservans, % (m/m), min:



15.8 - 17.5

On request


Isosorbide dinitrate (ISDN)

ISDN is nitro derivate isosorbide, produced by de-hydratation of sorbithol, nitrating of isosorbide H with nitration mixture, crystalization, filtration and drying. Sporingly sol in water. Freely sol in organic solvent, such as acetone, ale, ether. It is used in pharmaceutical industry for production of drugs against hypertension and for increase of coronary circulation.

Melting Point, °C, min:

Content of ISDN, % (m/m), min:

Content of Heavy Metals, % (m/m), max:

Drying Loss, % (m/m), max:

Storage, °C:







Urotropin is in form of white or colorless crystals. It is gained by syntheses of formaldehyde and ammonium, using steaming, crystallization and drying. It has wide use in chemical, pharmaceutical and defense. lt is used as main raw material in explosive production in cast workshops for insulating quartz sand, for resins production, as a reagent, in cosmetics production (antiseptic), in animal drug production.

Purity, % (m/m), min:

Solubility, g/ml H₂O:

Density, g/cm³ (5°C):


Melting Point, °C:

Ignition Point, °C:

Content of Moisture, % (m/m), max:

Content of Ash, % (m/m), max:

98 - 99

1g/1.5 ml


8.0 - 9.0





Antifreeze and car cosmetics

PIN Antifreeze 100 is a mono-ethylene based concentrated liquid, containing anti-corrosion and antifoaming additives. It is used for preparation of the engine coolant and protection from corrosion. If does not foam and possesses high reserve alkalinity which enables prolonged period of usage. In winter conditions, especially when there is a discontinuation in use of installations, it is necessary to use Antifreeze instead of water in order to protect the system from breaking, preventing the freezing of water in pipes.

Prva Iskra - Namenska AD is one of the main manufacturer of alcohol based winter liquid for wiper arms - PIN Autoglass. It is ppropriate not only for daily cleaning through the wiper arms, but also for basic cleaning by direct laying. Our company is one of the main importer in Serbia of several chemicals such as: Monoethylene Glycol (MEG), Methyl Alcohol (Methanol), Acetone, etc.