Delaboration / Utilization

Delaboration of explosive ordnance - Prva IskraUtilization or delaboration is primarily used for scheduled neutralization of stockpiled explosive ordnance, without destruction of materials. It can also be applied for neutralization of individual UXO. The procedure is safe and is based on separation explosive from suspension. It can be applied on various types of explosive ordnance loaded with pure TNT or explosives compounds based on TNT.

Explosive, previously emulsified, is flushed through special cork into counter-current turbo-flow reactor. Stream-flow routing of the fluid in reactor, gradient of heat drawing and mass transport provide granules of different-required shapes and sizes. All metal elements (projectiles' bodies), made most frequently of quality steel, the so-called heat-treatable steel, as the secondary raw material may be converted, by recycling process, to have due quality and shape, which will be suitable for further application in civilian sphere. Rendered safe explosive is in the form of different-size granules of regular or irregular shape, with moisture content of 10-20% m/m, suitable for further application in the civilian field.

Utilization of explosive ordnance - Prva IskraOriginal (patent protected) technology has been developed, based on our solutions, boasting safety and being in compliance with modern ecological demands, without by-products that might pollute the environment. It has been verified in practice with several kinds of explosive in total quantity of approximately 2000 t of rendered safe TNT and explosive compounds based on TNT. Our experience with delaboration of explosive ordnance includes anti-personnel mines, anti-tank mines, mortar shells and other types of ordnance based on pure TNT and depth charges containing composition of TNT-AN-Al.

It should be mentioned that any explosive ordnance planned for neutralization by render safe procedure, requires due to its specific nature, relevant preliminary analysis of both safe explosive ordnance and technology line. With the reactor of 2000 I, depending on type of explosive ordnance, delaboration rate of up to 1t of TNT/h can be achieved.

Render safe procedure is high-risk activity, which can be performed by educated and skilled personnel only Technology of delaboration by render safe procedure can be either batch or continuous. It is based on micro-capsules forming and turbo-flow separation from water suspension. It is completely ecologically clean.