Quality Control

Serbian Military Quality ControlIn line with our objectives for progress and sustainability, we have always maintained a clear and strict policy with regards to quality control. We work to the latest international standards such as MIL STDs, GOSTs, and ISO regulation.

Our company's successful implementation of its performance has been essential in turning around the quality of our products granting it the ISO 9001:2008 certification issued by Serbian Military Quality Control.

Quality Control Department has developed capability of providing a numerous of highly specialized measurements and analyses that are used to evaluate explosives and energetic materials.

Quality Control Department has high quality analytical equipment, such as: GC chromatograph made by Hewlett-Packard, HPLC with an autosampler made by Thermo Fisher, UV/VIS spectrophotometer made by Perkin Elmer, KF titrator made by Mettler Toledo, FT-IR spectrometer made by Thermo Fisher, analytical balance made by Mettler Toledo, melting point apparatus and many others.